Foundations of Cybersecurity for Managers - 2 Hours

Cybersecurity and Governance
Cybersecurity Introduction06:39Download Lesson PDF
Cybersecurity Workforce04:39Download Lesson PDF
Cybersecurity Governance02:38Download Lesson PDF
Cybersecurity Guidance Resources05:26Download Lesson PDF
Laws and Cybersecurity06:31Download Lesson PDF
Threats and Technologies
Common Cyber Threats05:40Download Lesson PDF
Threat Actors05:50Download Lesson PDF
Cybersecurity and Mobile Devices06:19Download Lesson PDF
Security Controls05:15Download Lesson PDF
Security Tools and Measures03:25Download Lesson PDF
Introduction to Cloud Computing18:51Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Architectures and Deployment Models11:26Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Threats and Attacks14:53Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Security05:36Download Lesson PDF
Risk Management and Analysis
Risk Management Overview05:13Download Lesson PDF
Incident Response and Digital Evidence Types03:32Download Lesson PDF
Risk and Planning Strategies07:37Download Lesson PDF
Foundations of Cybersecurity for Managers Exam
Foundations of Cybersecurity for Managers Exam30:00