Introduction to Cyber Intelligence - 2 Hours

What is Cyber Intelligence?

What is Cyber Intelligence?6:31Download Lesson PDF
Cyber Intelligence - Why Should You Care?5:04Download Lesson PDF
Cyber Intelligence - Skills, Traits, Competencies7:32Download Lesson PDF
Cyber Intelligence - Conceptual Framework3:41Download Lesson PDF
Environmental Context3:25Download Lesson PDF
Data Gathering3:51Download Lesson PDF
Threat Analysis3:07Download Lesson PDF
Strategic Analysis3:03Download Lesson PDF
Reporting and Feedback3:02Download Lesson PDF
Human and Machine Teaming2:08Download Lesson PDF

The Art and Science of Cyber Intelligence

The Art and Science of Cyber Intelligence1:09Download Lesson PDF
Cognitive Biases8:08Download Lesson PDF
Logical Fallacies3:10Download Lesson PDF
Analytical Acumen - The Science3:49Download Lesson PDF
Analytic Methodologies - Diagnostic Technique4:01Download Lesson PDF
DC Sniper: Beltway Attacks3:32Download Lesson PDF
Analytical Methodologies - Contrarian Technique5:31Download Lesson PDF
Analytical Methodologies - Imaginative Technique2:11Download Lesson PDF
Analytical Methodologies - Network Analysis1:22Download Lesson PDF
Analytical Methodologies - ACH2:57Download Lesson PDF
Analytical Methodology – Systems Dynamics Modeling6:15Download Lesson PDF
Intelligence Writing - Why It Matters17:11Download Lesson PDF
Estimative Language5:42Download Lesson PDF
Briefing Tips4:30Download Lesson PDF

Intro to Cyber Intelligence Course Exam

Intro to Cyber Intelligence Quiz20:00