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Didn't Receive Activation Email

Here are some tips
If you tried to register, but have not received your activation email, you should:
  • Check your Junk folder or Spam folder for the activation email. The subject is: VTE Online Training Portal Account Activation and the email comes in from: NoReply@fedvte.usalearning.gov
  • Verify your email address has no spaces, comas, or special characters such as: # $ % ^ & *. Most email addresses should look like: John.Doe@us.af.mil. Capitalization does NOT matter.
  • Verify your email DOES include the symbol: @ and ends with a domain such as: .mil or .gov.
  • Select the Register here link and re-enter your email to verify it is complete and accurate. To ensure your address has been typed accurately you may want to copy and paste your email address.
If you have tried everything above and still have not received the activation email, please contact the help desk via one of the methods shown below.
Check our Frequently Asked Question for common help solutions.

If you have additional problems please contact the VTE Online Training Portal
Help Desk or email the help desk at support@usalearning.net.
To speak with a Help Desk representative,
call (202) 753-0845 or toll-free (833) 200-0035
Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM EST, except holidays.

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