Cloud Computing Security - 2.5 Hours

Cloud Computing Security Course Overview
Cloud Computing Security Course Overview03:10Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Computing Overview
Cloud Computing Overview06:52Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Computing Overview Knowledge Check5:00
Building a Cloud
Building a Cloud05:45Download Lesson PDF
Building a Cloud Knowledge Check5:00
Securing Your Cloud
Securing Your Cloud20:54Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Security Basics09:39Download Lesson PDF
Review of Multifactor Authentication03:14Download Lesson PDF
Review of Monitoring and Security Configurations06:31Download Lesson PDF
Options for Securing Within the Cloud04:43Download Lesson PDF
VPC Network ACs and CloudWatch Monitoring02:46Download Lesson PDF
Compute Instance in Google's Cloud Platform05:12Download Lesson PDF
Monitoring and Alerting Options in Google Cloud03:51Download Lesson PDF
Web App and Security Configs in Google Cloud 04:49Download Lesson PDF
Use of Microsoft's Platform as a Service09:11Download Lesson PDF
Azure Compute Instance Setup07:30Download Lesson PDF
Securing Your Cloud Knowledge Check5:00
Review of Two NIST Publications on Cloud Computing14:28Download Lesson PDF
Guidance for Critical Areas in Cloud Computing17:53Download Lesson PDF
Cloud Computing Risk Assessment by ENISA07:02Download Lesson PDF
Resources Knowledge Check5:00